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Panaji (also known as Pan-Jim) is manageable town
 Pressed up against the seaside and has the feel of an old Caribbean port rather than a South Indian city. The coconuts palm here where actually exported west in the fifteen century. You probably won't meet Bob Marley though (unless you go to Arambol.)


Unlike most Indian cities Panjim has little traffic problem and the sea air is kept fresh. A walk around the seaside on Panjim's wide a green sideways is a must-do. Around Panjim you won't go hungry unless they are close for a frequent siesta, most restaurants do not serve full meals until after 7:00pm and only snacks after lunch.


You can walk or take a local bus up to the beach in Panjim the Kalpa Auditorium is near by.


Film festival in November is a highlight as is eating in the many excellent Goan restaurants. Fish curry and veg pulao + you own beer (Goans love their liquor)


Panaji Guesthouse and Hotel, Restaurants Map

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